30+ Million sf of scanned building data


350+ building models created


2.5 weeks avg delivery


0 missed deadlines



From site scan to delivered drawings in as little as two weeks.


Due to human error being eliminated during the measuring process, accuracy is guaranteed.


In house, US based, design professionals expertly craft the scan data into detailed building models.


Streamlining building data capture & modeling, allows our team to offer a full-service package cheaper than industry standard.


The latest in 3D scanning technology

A 500,000 SF commercial building would take several months to measure in 2D using current traditional tools. Our state-of-the-art 3D scanners can measure 500,000 SF in one day. Site scan to delivered drawings in as little as two weeks.


AI + decades of AEC knowledge

Using Autodesk Revit as the basis for all projects, our team is able to utilize the latest AI plug-ins coupled with  decades of AEC technology knowledge to accurately produce building documents that exceed client expectations.

any building, anywhere.

From Commercial Office to Industrial to even Heavy MEP – we’ve got you covered.


Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Elevations / Sections, BOMA Calcs, Site Plans, Brokerage Plans, Renderings – any output needed, we can craft from our scan data.


We use the captured scan data to build LOD200 to LOD350 building models natively inside Autodesk Revit.


Revolutionizing building data acquisition

We strongly believe in our capabilities and results – due to this, we offer a no risk 2D pilot project to new clients up to 100,000 SF. If the project deliverable is not satisfactory, we will provide any changes required to meet client expectations and accept no payment for the project.


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